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Email address is "user name" followed by "@sum.sd.keio.ac.jp".

PhD candidates 2nd year in Master 1st year in Master Undergraduates

Postgraduate Students 1st year in Master

孫 暁白
(Shouhaku Son)
Research Interests:
Hobby: Volleyball, Watching movie

team1 s.son

田脇 裕太
(Yuta Tawaki)
Research Interests: Power assist suit
Hobby: Swimming

team1 y.tawaki

呂 万平
(Manpei Lo)
Research Interests: Human support by robot
Hobby: Watching baseball game

team1 lyu


A bit of our history

Grant-in-Aid for Scientific Research(A)

Development of Haptic Realization in Minimally Invasive Medicine Including Endoscopic Surgery Using Linear Actuators

Grant-in-Aid for Scientific Research(A)

Development of Haptic Forceps System with Multi Degiees of Freedom by Linear Motors for Minimally Invasive Medicine

Grant-in-Aid for Scientific Research(S)

Research and Development on Platform of Scienceand Engineering for Human Support Based on Real-World Haptics

Grant-in-Aid for Scientific Research (S)

Innovation of Unified Platform of Medicine and Engineering by Haptic Technology